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£5 Friday: Palacio del Marques

by Krista

Palacio del marques

Hey it's £5 Friday again! This is the occasional series where I buy the most interesting looking bottle of wine I can for less than a fiver.

I picked up this 2009 Macabeo/Verdejo blend for–get this–£3.99 at M&S. It was the perfect accompaniment to five episodes of Mad Men as well as Joaquin Phoneix and Reese Wetherspoon in Walk the Line. (Before Joaquin went off the deep end. Seriously…did you see the Lettermen clip from February?)

I think I bought it mostly because I like the gold wire that crisscrossed the bottle. I'm a sucker for frippery.

So…my notes…pale straw color. Smells of bananas. A bit yeasty maybe? It smells creamy. Tastes lemony, fruity. Pleasant aftertaste. While not necessarily complex or interesting, I wouldn't have pegged this for £3.99. I would buy more of this.

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