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£5 Friday: FuZion

by Krista


So the global mess of an economy we're dealing with had me thinking…maybe I should spend less money. Hence a new feature. I won't promise it weekly because I hate when people call anything the "1st Annual" and then never do things again. Let's just say this is the first in an occasional series of "£5 Fridays." You know, where I go to Waitrose and buy the cheapest wine I can find. (Oh, the irony.)

I have to be honest. I'm only doing this because over the weekend, I got suckered into buying a £35 bottle of wine at Ottolenghi–to take away–and while I enjoyed it, I kinda felt like a sucker. Particularly after seeing that Berry Brothers series on TV a few weeks ago. (I tried but failed to find a YouTube of the scene where they're deciding how to price a wine. Priceless!)

The only rule to £5 Friday is that I don't want to buy any brand I've ever heard of before. (I will, however, buy store brands. I once hosted a Chardonnay tasting where the clear winner of the evening was the $3.99 Whole Foods Chardonnay.)

Today's wine is called FuZion. Yes, as you can see from the photo, I didn't make up that capital Z in the middle. It's a 2008 from Argentina. The rest you can read on the bottle in the photo.

This is a very pale wine. White borders. It smells vaguely of straw and honey. It tastes like citrus and it's tart and finishes quickly. And now I've run out of adjectives.

I can imagine this as a nice summer apertif.

The Damage: £4.29 at Waitrose. I'm not kidding. And well, I'm no expert, but this didn't taste like a £4.29 wine to me. £6.99, surely! I wonder what the mark-up in a London restaurant would be…

The Rest of the Story: So apparently, FuZion is like totally the Yellow Tail of Canada. I picked a good brand to start with. You can read the full story here.

And don't forget…I still want to know where you'd eat dinner alone in London

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