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How to Spend 2 Days in Bangkok

by Krista
Visit Wat Pho at night during my 2 days in Bangkok itinerary

Visit Wat Pho at night during my 2 days in Bangkok itinerary

My 2 Days in Bangkok Itinerary

Bangkok is crazy” Crazy huge, crazy crowded, crazy with traffic. I don’t think I could live in Bangkok — the traffic would seriously make me want to die and public transport isn’t the greatest — but visiting is fun. It’s chaotic, but fun. I usually use Bangkok as a jumping off point for other destinations, so here’s my suggestion for a 2 days in Bangkok itinerary. Note that because of Bangkok’s traffic and how steamy it can get, I’ve been intentionally vague about timings here!! My top recommendation for you is to make sure your hotel is very close to a BTS station as that will really help you move around the city and avoid the crazy traffic.

Day 1 of Your 2 Days in Bangkok Itinerary

Jim Thompson House

Start your morning at the Jim Thompson House. Mr. Thompson was an American who fell in love with Thailand and returned to the country after he was discharged from the military after World War II. He had an innate understanding of design and color and went on to rebuilding the silk industry in Thailand. His home is absolutely gorgeous and a serene oasis in the middle of busy Bangkok.  The gift shop is great and you’ll find Jim Thompson boutiques scattered around Thailand. Note guided tours start on the hour.

Take to the river during this 2 days in Bangkok itinerary

Take to the river during this 2 days in Bangkok itinerary

Bangkok Rice Barge Afternoon Tour

After picking up a quick lunch, head out for a tour of the Bangkok’s waterways. This is a GREAT way to see the city. This particular tour was crazy but it was still a highlight of my trip. They dumped six of us into a traditional Thai long boat and then we headed out into the main river, where we jostled for position with barges and ferries and all sorts of maritime vehicles. I come from a big family of boaters and we take boating pretty seriously, so the fact that we were not provided with life jackets while we were zipping around so many other boats and barges sort of bothered me. (The boat pictured is the type of boat we were on.) Specifically, there didn’t seem to be any rules on the river about right of way or port-to-port passing, which was a little crazy. Living on the edge, I tell you. (I believe this may have changed recently after the boating accident in Phuket that killed a number of Chinese tourists. Thailand seems to be requiring more life jackets these days.) After about 45 minutes of this, we pulled into a quiet canal where we were transferred to spacious rice barge and treated to an amazing selection of fruits and nuts as we put-putted at a much more leisurely pace around the rivers and canals of Bangkok. This was a much calmer experience and I felt a lot safer and my heart rate returned to normal. I still think you should do this tour! It’s really fun and the fruits and everything on the barge were great.  Book this  tour on Viator.

Bangkok Food Tour by Night with Tuk Tuk Ride

After your river tour, take a break back at your hotel before gearing up for this crazy fun tour, which will definitely be a huge highlight of your trip. During my tour, we piled into a bunch of tuk-tuks and zipped all around Bangkok…at NIGHT when traffic was at a minimum. I didn’t get home til midnight!!! We had Wat Po all to ourselves, which was amazing. The tour also included a visit to beautiful Pak Klong Talat, Thailand’s largest flower market. Lots of very tasty snacks throughout. The Thai sausages were a highlight.  Book this tour.

Take a food tour during your 2 day Bangkok itinerary

Take a food tour during your 2 days in Bangkok itinerary

Day 2 of Your 2 Days in Bangkok Itinerary

Village of Love Food Tour

Start the 2nd day of your 2 Days in Bangkok Itinerary with this delicious tour of Bangkok’s Village of Love neighborhood. During my tour, this lady making fresh fishcakes was a definite highlight. Our group also tried traditional Thai desserts, herbal drinks, Thai fruits, fresh curries, and then to top it all off, we headed to a restaurant that specializes in Royal Cuisine, where we enjoyed multiple courses in a very relaxing setting with great air conditioning and clean bathrooms. Book this tour.

Top Floor of the Paragon Department Store

Time to buy souvenirs and there is no better place to do so than the top floor of Paragon Department Store. After your food tour, hop on the BTS and head to the Siam stop for Paragon Department store and head up to the 4th floor. This is THE place to go for Thai silks and cottons and all sorts of handcrafts.  I have always loved fabrics — pashminas, wraps, sarongs, blankets, scarves — so I had to be dragged out of the store, so enthralled was I with everything Thai and handmade. I picked up a ton of sarongs for all my gal pals as gifts. Beautiful and inexpensive to boot. Highly recommended. Note that you’re looking for something called Paragon Passage on the 4th floor.  Visit their website.

Dinner at Nahm at the Como Metropolitano

After taking a little siesta during the heat of the day back at your hotel (I highly recommend booking a Bangkok hotel with a pool just for this reason), get ready for dinner at Nahm at the Como Metropolitano hotel to round out your 2 days in Bangkok. The restaurant is now being led by acclaimed Thai born, San Francisco chef Pim Techamuanvivit. When I last visited, Pim wasn’t yet in place so I can’t tell you what exactly to expect, but I know you will enjoy the hotel’s modern surroundings and delicious food on your last night in Bangkok. Book a table at Nahm.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Stay at the Lit Bangkok during your trip

Stay at the Lit Bangkok during your trip

The Lit Bangkok, is a centrally located oasis of modern, fabulously designed calm. I really loved it here and would gladly return. I loved the hotel bed — excellent mattress and excellent linens — and the marble bathroom and the lovely linen bathrobe and the staff in the bar and restaurant and the spa. Did I mention the spa? The spa was amazing. After a long day of walking, I had a one hour foot massage — lying down — and it did me a treat. I felt like a brand new person afterwards. (The spa is also deliciously beautiful.) The hotel is located a two minute walk (but a very long staircase) away from the National Stadium Skytrain stop, making it convenient for most things. In fact, if there’s one lesson I learned during my time in Bangkok, don’t sit in a taxi in traffic. Just have the taxi take you to the nearest Skytrain or subway stop and go from there. Book the Lit Bangkok.

As you can see, this 2 days in Bangkok itinerary helps you hit some of the hot spots, but if you go, consider spending more than two day in town. There’s so much good stuff to see!

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