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PassportDelicious.com focuses on restaurants and hotels from my travels around Europe and elsewhere. I travel quite a lot–in the U.S., Europe and beyond–so expect great destinations and most importantly, great food! I launched PassportDelicious.com (originally known as Krista in London and Londonelicious.com) in June of 2004. Check out my archives to see how regularly I’ve been posting since then. Read my About page for more information about me.

While I love London, I love the rest of the world too. As of this writing, I’ve been to 50 countries! I consider myself a business traveler: I don’t travel with a backpack or seek out adrenaline-fueled adventures, and while I do *really* appreciate the finer things in life, my 18 years in the investment management industry, with a focus on retirement investing, has led me to be spend wisely and invest the rest. I prefer business hotel chains like Starwood, Marriott and IHG, or local hotels that provide similar experiences. I love collecting hotel points and frequent flyer miles and for a long time, I was a United 1K member. I’m now working towards BA Gold Status!

Passportdelicious.com has over 4200 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as of May 2016.

How can you work with me?

I love working with brands and trying out their products and service. If it has something to do with restaurants or travel (and that includes travel technology and travel products), I’m game! But if you’re looking to work with me on parking or gaming, I’m probably not your gal.

Press Trips: I am open to participating in press trips for interesting destinations and will work with you on a package of social media coverage.

Product Reviews: I love apps and travel-related technology or products. (I am eternally in search of the perfect suitcase.) Get in touch if you have a travel-related product or app you’d like me to review.

Advertising: I accept advertising for products and services that are related to dining out and travel. I prefer display advertising to affiliate programs. Please contact me for rates.

Contests & Giveaways: I love contests and giveaways! If you have something that fits into my site niche, let’s chat.

Sponsored posts: If you’d like to sponsor a post — an on-message post that fits within the overall theme of my site — get in touch. (So that means no casinos or other online gaming or random topics.) I prefer to write sponsored posts myself because then the content fits better into the overall tone and feel of Passportdelicious.com. My rates for sponsored posts start at £250. I clearly label sponsored posts as sponsored posts, according to US FTC guidelines. (I’m American, after all.)

Guest posts: I do not accept guest posts.

For those of you who wonder why I’ve chosen to commercialize my London restaurant and travel blog, I run ads on my Web site to help me break-even on hosting costs and backup costs. If you are specifically interested in sponsored posts, I have another site that accepts them.Wor