Can’t Get Enough Tacos

Posted by Krista on September 27, 2012

20120927-200613.jpgI’ve been eating a lot of tacos lately.

A lot. (Non sequitor: Two words, people. TWO WORDS.)

And especially, the fish tacos at Antique Taco in Chicago. OK, sure, Antique Taco is a little hipster. But I TOTALLY want to steal all their cloth napkins. Like all of them.

20120927-200841.jpgYo, it’s the fish tacos. With spicy, creamy tartar. I want corn tortillas, not flour. But this particular over-aging hipster, she can deal.

20120927-200945.jpgCorn salad!!! Corn salad, corn salad. This is the type of dish that makes me feel slothy. Because shurely I could make this. But I don’t. So I go to Antique Taco once a week and I eat it there. And I give thanks.

And contemplate and stare at their napkins. Like really, literally stare.

The Verdict: Go, you little hipster you! Go!

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  1. Food Blog – Can’t Get Enough Tacos:
    I’ve been eating a lot of tacos lately.
    A lot.
    And especially, the fish tac…

  2. Can’t Get Enough Tacos

  3. Odo
    Sep 29, 2012

    Those tacos look amazing… god I miss Chicago!

    • Krista
      Sep 29, 2012

      They are very nice, but I’ve got some other tacos coming up that are a bit more real, and with CORN tortillas. And hey, you have an open invitation to drop by whenever!

  4. Lizzie
    Sep 30, 2012

    I could kill for that corn salad right now. London needs to up it’s corn game!

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