Taxim, Wicker Park

Posted by Krista on October 19, 2011

We organised a rather informal Tweet-up in Wicker Park tonight. At Taxim. I had stopped by Taxim a few weekends ago, just for a look at their wine list. It was interesting. And different. And all Greek. Never seen an all-Greek wine list before.

Tonight’s meal was as intriguing as the wine list. The okra…unbelievably hearty for a vegetable dish. The pork loin…so light for something which could be so porky.

What hurt me though is that I am convinced that people in Wicker Park only drink coffee. And eat tacos. (Or pizza.) Because Taxim is such an amazingly lovely neighbourhood restaurant. And where’s the neighbourhood? Not here.

Taxim makes me want to update my blog more…to convince Chicago there’s more to life than (American) football and your 52 inch TV and getting pizza delivered on a cold and rainy night.

Really…what happened to going out to dinner? What happened to talking to people? (Talking, not shouting. I’m looking at you, Paris Club.)

Maybe we all should get out more. Maybe we should all go to Taxim.

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  1. Valentine
    Oct 20, 2011

    So agree. Step away from the sports bar – there is a life to experience by interacting with human beings. Grrr this city has too many sports bars …

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