Blue Star Wine Bar, Noble Square

Posted by Krista on July 27, 2011

Blue Star InsideI thought Yelp Week was gonna be huge. I mean, 50% off at a bunch of Yelp favorites? I made my reservations WEEKS in advance. Hah! Joke is on me. I showed up at Blue Star at the pre-appointed time and they had no record of my booking. “The reservations go to my phone,” he said. “Sometimes I forget to write them down.”

Not to fear though because Blue Star was EMPTY. I made the mistake of mentioning that we would have a 6-week old with us and we were relegated to the children’s section. You know…where they only other people in the bloody restaurant happened to be sitting. (With their young boy.) Sigh. Blue Star were just waiting for the crowds to arrive, I suppose.

Lucky for us, the Yelp menu was a supremely good value. $20 for FOUR COURSES. A salad, some fried cheese, some steak, and well for me, some limoncello for dessert. It was such an insanely good value that I FELT GUILTY.

Steak at Blue StarThe steak was surprisingly flavorful and pretty perfectly cooked to medium rare, and who doesn’t love salsa verde. I took half of this home and had it for breakfast the next day.

We stuck to the house white and only paid something like $30 a person by the end of the evening when it came to tax and tip. I felt so guilty about how cheap Blue Star was with our 50% off that I’m mentally promised them I’ll return. And next time, I’ll actually check out the wine list.

Blue Star Wine Bar is next to a gas station and the expressway. It doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, but rumor has it they get busy after 9 pm. If you’re  in the neighborhood, you should stop by.

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  1. David Turner
    Jul 27, 2011

    Take me! Take me!

  2. Blue Star Wine Bar, Noble Square

  3. @WVWinePro
    Aug 01, 2011

    Blue Star Wine Bar, Noble Square | Passport Delicious | Chicago …

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