Moonshine, Wicker Park

Posted by Krista on March 16, 2011

Moonshine Mahi Mahi TacosMoonshine
1824 W Division

Date of Last Visit: The day after the Snowpocolypse.

The Damage: About $15 a person

The Victim: Timo, the 16-year old German exchange student I adopted at O’Hare on February 1st when our flight to Frankfurt was cancelled. Yes.

The Background: Sometimes I find photos on my phone or on my hard drive and wonder, “Where the heck was that?”  (One of my favorite posts ever where I’ve forgotten where and what I’ve eaten is over here. I remember this guy complimenting my soup description, in particular. I live to entertain.)

The only thing that saved the photo of these fish tacos was the date on the photo: February 2nd. The day after the massive blizzard hit Chicago. How could I forget?

See, I was supposed to fly to Tel Aviv via Frankfurt on February 1st for work. I totally thought Lufthansa would cancel my flight. But they didn’t. At least, they didn’t until we were actually on the plane and getting ready to push back at 3:45 pm. Uggh.

With waiting for rebooking instructions and luggage and all, I didn’t get out of the airport until after 6:30 pm that night. And in the process, I somehow managed to come home with an extra person and two extra suitcases. (I couldn’t let the poor kid sleep at the airport for two nights with no money on his phone and no way to pay for Internet access.)

The second night, his parents told him to take me out to dinner. There wasn’t much to choose from what with two feet of snow everywhere, so after walking up and down Division for a bit, Moonshine it was.

We were not alone in our bid to get out of the house. Moonshine was PACKED. We were given a toasty table (not) right by the front door and settled in to order our food.

I ordered the fish tacos. And they were pretty blah. Dry, unseasoned mahi-mahi and pickled veg. Pickled veg, in a taco? I used a lot of lime.

Nachos at MoonshineThis picture cracks me up every time. This is what the 16-year old wanted for dinner. Cheese nachos, WITH A SIDE OF CHEESE. Seriously. Oh, to be 16 again.

The Verdict: I forgot my ID so I didn’t tap into the beer list. Moonshine brews its own beers, so it would have been nice to try one. That does give me a reason to go back and to redeem those fish tacos. Let’s just hope it’s not during a blizzard next time.

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