The Regent

Posted by Krista on November 6, 2008

Regent pizza 

The Regent
201 Liverpool Road
N1 1LX

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Victims: James, Kellie, Feathers, Matt, Julie

The Background: We've been to see the new James Bond. It was good. But just good. This was no Casino Royale. The teachers on sabbatical/lottery line was about the best one.  For afterwards, I've made a booking at The Regent, the Islington pizza pub, based on the recomendations of many an Islingtonite.

The Entrance: We are early. And our table is ready! The Regent is nicely packed but not overly so. We are right in front of the jukebox and Matt takes over. We write down our orders on the back of our "Reserved" sign. That works well.

The Salads: The tomato and mozzerella salad is HUGE. And there actually is a lot of salad. I mean the green stuff. My mixed greens is fine, but I don't like the dressing at all. Hmmm.

The Pizzas: Spinach and egg for me. It looks GORGEOUS when it arrives, but I fear the egg has made it overly soggy. Either that, or it just really needed some more time in the wood-burning (nice) oven. It just wasn't very crispy. It was all so very wet. And maybe it was all the popcorn I ate at the cinema (cinema! hah!), but the pizza just wasn't salty enough for me. I am disappointed, so I order another beer.

The Verdict: Out for me. But so many people like the place that I'd give it another shot.

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  1. Oh no! So sad you were disappointed at the Regent. I go there two or three times a month, and my only disappointment is usually with how long I have to wait for my pizza (bc of the single oven thing). The atmosphere is so chill and nice, and the pizzas are usually good, so please don’t give up on the Regent. (I know you said you wouldn’t give up on it, but thought I’d share anyway).

    That said, the pizza there is never crispy enough such that you could hold a slice in your hand, as you would in the Tri-State Area, but I wouldn’t consider it soggy, either. Did your friends also end up with soggy pizzas?

    As for salt, I do often find I have to use the salt shaker on my pizza.

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