Flat White

Posted by Krista on November 10, 2008

 Flat white  

Flat White
17 Berwick Street

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Victim: Me

The Damage: £2.20

The Background: Another day, another decaf. After my Nude post last week and the unanimous follow up comments, it was time to visit Flat White. Why I didn't visit these places when I was drinking six cups of coffee (the caffeinated kind) per day, I don't know.

The only problem is that Flat White is PACKED. It should be; it's pouring rain out. So there will be no leisurely sipping indoors, where it's warm, for me. Take-away it is.

The Coffee: One decaf flat-white to go and boy is it good. It's good like Nude. So I wonder if they use Monmouth too. The place is so crowded and hectic while I'm there that I don't have a chance to ask.

Operational Efficiency: I placed my order at the register in the middle of the store. People started queueing up behind me. Then, I had to turn around to walk to the front of the shop to pick up my coffee. Between all the people waiting behind me and the tables against the wall, it was a bit tight. Maybe they could rethink this?

The Verdict: I like the product. I'd go at an off time so I can enjoy it more.

12 Responses to “Flat White”

  1. weird! I was browsing info on Flat White only an hour ago on TrustedPlaces (it shows up as one of the best coffee shops there) and thinking I need to go back.

    Small world, and I totally agree. Great coffee but place is a tad too small for proper relaxing drink.

  2. Something tells me Flat White uses Square Mile but I’m not a hundred percent certain.

    I look forward to trying your reccs. But I can’t have espresso and then be with humans I work with.

  3. Ian
    Nov 10, 2008

    They certainly used to use Monmouth. That might have changed as I haven’t been in for a bit. Did you know they have a sister coffee shop called The Milk Bar also in Soho? It’s equally good but was quieter than Flat White when i was in there.

  4. They don’t use Monmouth, they use a special blend of Square Mile Roasters.

  5. LadyAcorn
    Nov 11, 2008

    I’m 100% certain Flat White use Square Mile Coffee now. They did used Monmouth, it’s ok but as many of my coffee drinking friends (I’m a tea fiend) it’s losing it’s magic. One third of Square Mile is World Cupping champion, another is World best barista. So you know the kind of quality we’re talking about. Bea’s of Bloomsbury in Holborn also serving SM. If you’re near that part of London, it’s worth visiting.

  6. Wow…This is a really neat post and a super neat site!

    I love this idea, and if I ever get a chance to visit London, I will certainly be coming back here for recommendations!

    Neat! Thanks so much!

    Kimberly 🙂

  7. James Hoffmann
    Nov 11, 2008

    Flat White and Milk Bar both work with us now for coffee, and they do an amazing job with it.

    The decaf they are using right now is a single origin Sumatran coffee, decaffeinated using supercritical CO2 and we think it is very tasty these days. After we had an amazing decaf espresso from Stumptown Roasters in Portland, Oregon we decided decaf shouldn’t just be “pretty good for a decaf” but should aim to be genuinely tasty. I am sure Monmouth have a similar philosophy and they roast great coffee too, and I’ve always had good coffee in Nude as well – so pleased to see another good coffee place in East London!

  8. Suzie
    Nov 12, 2008

    ahhh i must go i must go..
    maybe this sunday? hehehhe

  9. Krista
    Nov 12, 2008

    All: Coffee is a very very popular topic, it would appear!

    Shuna: Yes, you’re right. As you’ll see from the comment from James from Square Mile!

    Ian: I’ll have to try Milk Bar.

    LadyAcorn: Yes, must drop by Bea’s one of these days. Have heard nice things. Thanks for the reminder.

    Kimberly: Thanks for dropping by!

    James: I love your decaf.

    Suzie: yes, you MUST go!

  10. Pete
    Nov 13, 2008

    so come on Krista, when are you going to pay us a visit at Lantana?

  11. Felicia
    Nov 25, 2008

    Love this blog.

    Anyway, Flat White has become my favorite coffee spot in London, perhaps ever. It rivals 9th street espresso in nyc. It doesn’t hurt that flat white has free marshmellows, too.

    I’m still trying to find a quality coffee cup in the square mile. any suggestions?

  12. Shelagh
    Dec 06, 2008

    This is a shameless plug for my cafe but if you are looking for good coffee around the soho/fitzrovia area, come and try Lantana- 13 Charlotte Place. Its near the Goodge st tube and after only 10 weeks of being open we’ve already been voted as one of the best places for coffee by Time Out. We also do fantastic breakfasts, brunches and lunches.

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