The Only Running Footman

Posted by Krista on October 7, 2008

Monkfish at orf

The Only Running Footman
5 Charles St
Tel: 020 7499 2988

Date of Last Visit: Tuesday, September 30th

The Victims: Brenna, Mike

The Damage: £30 each

The Background: I haven't seen Brenna since 1992. Maybe 1994. We're a little hazy on those early years in university when we might have seen each other during the summer. Through the magic of Facebook, we've been brought back together. She and her husband have stopped into London on their way back to the U.S. after a two week European tour.

They've come from Paris, in a roundabout way. And Brenna tells me how while she was in the ladies' loo at The Louvre, she ran into our other high school friend, Julie D. And I find this funny because on Saturday, I was in a bar in Crouch End when I randomly ran into my childhood friend Joanne who doesn't even live in London anymore. And just this past Saturday, I was in Angel tube and who did I run into by Bryan and Stacey. (They live around Angel, as do I, so perhaps it's not so surprising. But still!)

The world is indeed a small place

I've chosen The Only Running Footman because I was over at the London Bloggers' Meetup earlier and I know that the Green Park tube will be convenient for Brenna and Mike. And so we meet.

And it's kinda crazy. Because we have over a decade of gossip to catch up on. She has long hair now. And she says I haven't aged at all.

The Food: Monkfish wrapped in bacon for me. Veal for Mike. Brenna complains momentarily about the lack of vegetarian options when our waiter overhears her and notes that the chef always makes something special for his vegetarians. They have a brief conversation, and we have no idea what to expect.

I like my monkfish. It's okay. Mike LOVES his veal. What I really like is the risotto that my monkfish is lying on. Brenna enjoys her vegetarian tart.

The Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding for me. A fruit tart of some sort for them, with basil ice cream. The basil seems like an odd choice, but it's strangely addictive.

The Verdict: I really liked it here. Prices are steep, but this is Mayfair. Service was friendly. My food was very good. I would go back. Just like I would go back in time to 1992. When I was Woman of Physics. And won the history medal. Although I can't remember sh*t. Except for 9.8 meters per second-squared.

P.S. Don't forget to tell me about your perfect Saturday in London!

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