Urban Turban

Posted by Krista on August 26, 2008

Urban_turban Urban Turban
98 Westbourne Grove
W2 5RU
Tel:  020 7243 4200

Date of Last Visit: Tuesday, August 12

The Victim: Fellow London restaurant blogger, Jess

The Damage: £60 total, but I drank more than Jess (like I always do, except for that time at The Ledbury earlier this year–which I still haven’t written about–when I wasn’t drinking at all) so we split it £40/£20.

The Background: Jess, my fellow London restaurant blogger, has been busy. Very busy. My busy-ness pales in comparison. We are trading notes at Urban Turban in the pouring, pouring rain.

When I first moved to London, I had two little tiny umbrellas. The kind that fold up and fit in your pocket. I never remembered to bring them anywhere, so I would more often than not walk around town sopping wet. Nowadays, I have about twelve umbrellas (and a tumble dryer), most of the umbrellas given to me by taxi drivers because I am totally shameless. When I am in a taxi in the pouring rain, I often tell my drivers about my two measly umbrellas and how I can’t believe how often it rains here.

What I’ve learned is that most cab drivers have their own stash of found umbrellas under their front seat. Ask, and you shall receive.

But of course, the more things change, the more things stay the same. Even though I now I have about 12 umbrellas, they’re always at home. Or at the office. Never in my bag.

The Drinks: Urban Turban strikes me as the sort of place that would have lots of umbrellas. The little paper kind that they stick in drinks. I don’t have the chance to test this theory because I stick to Proseco. And beer. And Jess has a glass of rose. But Urban Turban has something a little festive about it. Particularly downstairs, which looks a little clubby for an Indian restaurant. But I suppose everyone needs a gimmick.

The Food: Jess and I have so many stories to trade that umbrellas (the real sort) are not necessary after our naan and chicken tikka and spicy prawns and saag paneer. (And prosecco. And rose. And beer.) The skies are clear again, although my brain is a little foggy. Partly with the alcohol. Partly with the food for thought. That Jess, she is full of insights! We’ve had a lot of fun for a random Tuesday night.

The Verdict: You know, here’s the thing with me and Indian food. I still feel like my takeaway next door serves food just as good if not better for one-third of the price. While Urban Turban has a nice modern vibe about it and it seems like a fun place, I’m not entirely certain the food is worth the dinero. Oh, and the "Indian tapas" thing and the "street food" thing…I don’t get that either.

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  1. Robin
    Aug 27, 2008

    If you think indian food is just like your takeaway, you need to go to Benares on Berkely Sq. Phenomenal.

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