Little Bay

Posted by Krista on August 11, 2008

Little Bay
171 Farringdon Road
Tel: 020 7278 1234

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, August 3

The Victims: Gerry, Ben, Matt, Carolyn

The Damage: A very reasonable £12 each or so. And that’s with more than a few Budvars.

I’ve been wanting to try Little Bay for ages. I hear it’s cheap. And cheerful. So tonight is THE night. I’ve convinced Gerry and Ben and Matt and Carolyn to come out on a Sunday when we’d all rather be home watching 60 Minutes. If we could. (Sadly, there is no equivalent to 60 Minutes here in the U.K.)

Only thing is, I’ve told them to meet me at Old China Hand on Roseberry Avenue. Which no longer exists. It’s now a Mexican restaurant. And it’s closed. (And their chef is Brazilian, just for the record. I asked.)

So really, Little Bay it is.

The Entrance: We say we’re five. They consult the book. At length. They sit us down.

The Service: Good. But they forgot the tap water, after telling us twice that "it’s coming."

The Food: Three out of five get the vegetable tart and it’s hearty. LIke something my mom would make. If she made vegetables tarts. It’s honest. And HUGE. And that’s all you can ask for for £6.45! Yes, you read that correctly. A plate-sized tart…not just a slice, but a whole tart–with some lettuce thrown on top for good measure–for £6.45. (Presentation isn’t really their forte though. Just for the record.)

The Decor: Roman-greco-bodouir. Not my thing. But some people must like it. Oh, and very cheesy music. Think "Take My Breath Away."

The Verdict: I can see the appeal in Little Bay, much like I understand the appeal of frozen dinners and bum bags.

2 Responses to “Little Bay”

  1. Stonch
    Aug 11, 2008

    Yep. Not much point in going to Little Bay unless you’re skint, really. I went a fair few times when I first moved to Clerkenwell, partly because they did draught Budvar in beautiful glasses when that was very rare. The food has always been OK but there are so many better places to eat within a drunken stumble (Rosebery Kebabs, for one).

  2. Lauren
    Aug 11, 2008

    Hehehe, what a great blog, very funny. I will definitely refer to it next time I brave going out to dinner in London.

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