Kurz & Lang

Posted by Krista on July 21, 2008

Kurz_and_langKurz & Lang
1 St. John Street
Tel: 020 7993 2923

Date of Last Visit: 16 July 2007

The Victim: Me

The Damage: £5

The Background: I probably had too much Sauvignon Blanc on Wednesday night. I had, as always, the best of intentions. Go home early. Maybe run 3 miles. But then we went to the garden at the top of Coq d’Argent and the sun came out and one bottle of sauvignon blanc turned into another.

And they refused to feed us out in the garden. We needed to go inside. I didn’t want to go inside. The sun was out!

So instead, I drank on an empty stomach and went to Kurz & Lang on my way home. And I had a frankfurter. I’ve been to Kurz & Lang before and it was a less than memorable experience. I had the worst currywurst I’ve ever had in my entire life. And the most undercooked, coldest potatoes. So I wasn’t so optimistic.

When I ordered my frankfruter, they attempted to put it in a naked, cold, and doughy bun. I wouldn’t let them, I forced them to toast it for me.

The Verdict: So my frankfurter was okay. But I think I need to eat a lot of frankfurters all within a short period of time to determine where this frankfurter fits in the universe of frankfurters.

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