Another Pub with Food: The Lowlander

Posted by Krista on July 9, 2008

The Lowlander
36 Drury Lane
Tel: 020 7379 7446

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Victim: Louise

The Damage: £14 each. I owe Louise though because I only had £8 with me.

The Background: Louise and I have just completed the British 10k. She in pretty much exactly an hour, me in 1 hour and 8 minutes. This is quite a bit off from the 8 minute mile I used to run, so I’ve signed up for the Nike Human Race on August 31st in Wembley to force me to get back into fighting shape.

After the race, we really want a beer. Or maybe it’s just me that really wants a beer, because I drink my beer pretty quickly while Louise nurses hers.

The Entrance: We’re at The Lowlander in Covent Garden, which is empty for 12 noon on a Sunday. It’s so empty, and so is the service. We ask for tap water. They forget. We ask for ketchup. They forget. We ask for the bill. They forget. Come on people!!!

The Food: My burger is pretty decent. The bun too–it’s not one of those doughy piles of nothingness. The chips are just chips though.

My Legs: Are killing me. Really. I’m dying. I need a massage.

The Loos: Surprisingly clean and tidy for a place I’d imagine is pretty high mileage in the evenings.

The Verdict: Well, don’t go expecting anything fantastic. There’s a huge beer menu. And a decent selection of food. The service just needs to be a little bit more with it.

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  1. Iestyn
    Jul 14, 2008

    Never eaten there, but great beer list. Its interesting about the service, because it can be heaving in the evening, but if you can get a table, the drinks are all table service, and the service keeps up with the volume pretty well. Its odd when a place can cope when full, but struggles when empty, but sadly not unusual.

    Belgian beer lovers should definitely give it a go in the evening though.

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