More American Food…

Posted by Krista on January 11, 2008

Img_2626Florida has its own drink. The Arnold Palmer. Half iced tea, half lemonade. OK, maybe it’s not a strictly Floridian thing. Maybe other states have it too. Actually, according to Wikipedia, the Arnold Palmer is popular in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Who knew? I love Arnold Palmers. But I think restaurants in London would look at my funny if I ordered one. London isn’t exactly big on the iced tea, for one. And "lemonade" means something entirely different.

Here’s another item that I’m going to propose as distinctly American, but I might be stretching it a bit. You tell me. Sweet potato fries. Delicious.

Both were enjoyed at Hurricane Grill and Wings in South Florida.


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  1. John Gorman
    Jan 16, 2008

    Arnie’s from the Pittsburgh area, so that would make sense. Long live The King!

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