Japanese: Tomoe

Posted by Krista on December 3, 2007

62 Maryleborne Lane
Tel: 020 7486 2004

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, November 24th, 2007

The Victim: Me, myself, and I

The Damage: £10

The Background: So the other week, I put up a desperate cry for help on Chowhound. I needed a new lunch spot convenient to Oxford Street. You might know that I love nothing more than a few interesting rolls and some sashimi on a Saturday afternoon as I am shopping. And I am tired of the Yo in Selfridges, and well, eating at Yo all the time is certainly not helping my London restaurant blog. My fellow Chowhounders rushed to my aid, and Tomoe was suggested by a highly respected member of the community.

The Entrance: Tomoe is all black and red and everyone is SO happy to see me as enter at around 12:30 on a Saturday. The tables and chairs are a little retro. Think early 80s dining sets. I like it. It seems like fa family run type of place. Before I can even ask for tea–it's a little chilly out–a steaming cup is brought to my table. Now that's service. They bring over the menu and I quickly decide…the sashimi set menu, which comes with an assorted plate of sashimi, a green salad, miso soup, some pickles, and some rice.

The Food: The food arrives lickety split. The fish is amazingly fresh. The green salad had been sitting in the fridge for a while, but the miso dressing made up for that. Loved the miso dressing. Loved the miso soup–how can you not. Loved how they kept filling up my tea. Loved how the bill was only £10.

The Verdict: I loved the lack of pretention. I loved the service. I loved the food. I loved the decor, random as it was. I loved the Japanese menus hanging up and around. I will go back here many times.

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  1. Jess
    Dec 06, 2007

    Good to know. My favourite sushi place in New York was called Tomoe. Have you been to Arigato in Brewer St? The tiny restaurant inside this Japanese market is a find.

  2. Kake
    Dec 09, 2007

    So after both you and oonth recommended Tomoe, I had to give it a go too. Like you, I had the sashimi set lunch and was very pleased with it. Will definitely go back. It might be worth mentioning that they don’t itemise the bill; you just get presented with a total. Mine was £2 more than it should have been, but they sorted it out quickly enough.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, can’t wait to try this. I ate at the Japanese restaurant that was at the site before Tomoe opened, and that was pretty good too. Restaurant Toku in the Japan Centre at Piccadilly Circus is meant to be excellent. I used to eat there many years ago, but haven’t been since Japan Centre moved to Piccadilly.
    Helen Yuet Ling Pang

  4. Mazui
    Aug 03, 2008

    I went to Tomoe last week with my friends and I was very dissapointed. We all ordered sushi and sashimi but it took so long that we had to ask the waitress whether they had not forgotten our food. The sushi wasn’t done very well and it also didn’t taste good. maybe it’s not that expensive but i’d rather go to a different restaurant where better sushi are made!!!

  5. pete
    Aug 03, 2008

    I have to say that I was very very surprised when I went to Tomoe on Wednesday. While I was waiting for my food I went downstairs to go to the washroom. There was a chef, a woman and a kid. The kid was standing and walking on the table/counter and even when they saw me, the woman didn’t take the kid off the table. I was so shoked that I lost my appetite and went to the opposite restaurant.

  6. meemalee
    Mar 31, 2009

    Thank you so much for the tip – I went for my anniversary last week and loved it!

    My review here http://meemalee.blogspot.com/2009/03/restaurant-tomoe-marylebone-japanese.html – I’ve mentioned your review too 😉

  7. Krista
    Mar 31, 2009

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Rlpkamath
    Mar 13, 2010

    Tried this as well today. They still brought the steaming tea lickety-split. The udon was some of the tastiest and springiest noodles I’ve eaten in a long time. Definitely a keeper.

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