Thai: Nid Ting

Posted by Krista on October 29, 2007

533 Holloway Road
N19 4BT
020 7263 0506


Hot ChipThe Warning

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, October 21

The Victim: Me

The Damage: £10

The Background: Sometimes, a gal just needs to get out of the house. I was tired of laundry, shopping, TV, blogging, my Blackberry, many things. A while back, I questioned the staff at Kobkhun Thai on the Essex Road about where they go for Thai food, the response was pretty unanimous: Nid Ting, on Holloway Road, across from the Petrol station. I’ve been storing this little nugget away for just the right day. This was it.

Nid Ting’s location on Holloway Road is on a bit of a bleak stretch. There are fruit machines everywhere. I was a little curious about the last vestiges of a street market  I passed as I made my way down from Archway Tube, but not so curious as to stop and research.

The Entrance: They’ve JUST opened. There are many news clippings in the window. Charles Campion is staring back at me. The staff’s children are in control of the restaurant when I enter, but they’re sent to a back corner once I take my seat.

The Starter: They are dumplings of some sort. I am imagining gyoza/pot stickers, but what I get are big golf balls of pork and veggies. They are only okay. I am disappointed.

The Entree: I go for the Lad Na, which is my 2nd favorite Thai noodle dish after Pad Se Eu. It arrives and it is a soupy mess. I think there is some fake crab meat in there. I am not an expert on fake crab meat, so don’t quote me. But it all just seems overly gloopy to me. And there’s a surfeit of noodles. It’s mostly gloop. And carrots. I am so disappointed.

The Departure: The staff wish me a warm farewell. They are very sweet. (And I like their outfits.) The loos could use a good powerwash. 

The Verdict: Not worth the trip for me. 

3 Responses to “Thai: Nid Ting”

  1. Chris
    Oct 29, 2007

    There are no good Thai restaurants in London, I’ve decided. There is one good one in Eastbourne, but my memory fails me. I’ll find it for you though, if ever you fancy a trip down there. It really is excellent.

  2. Gerry
    Nov 05, 2007

    I’m so sad that you didn’t like it… Maybe it was the dish? I urge you to try it one more time just in case… When you are up this way anyway… We went there last night it was our least fav. meal we’ve had there but still pretty nice.

  3. Michael
    Jan 26, 2012

    Just went, and it was great. The chicken Red curry was best I’ve had since Thailand, and beef garlic basil chilli thing was great. Though spare ribs starter wasn’t that good. Maybe they’re not good at noodles, but good at the rice curries?
    Definitely going back. the deep fried ice cream was pretty awesome too, if unhealthy…

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