Gastro: The Princess

Posted by Krista on November 5, 2005

76 Paul St

Tel: 020 7729 9270

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, October 30th

The Victims: Susan, Simon

The Damage: Unknown! Susan paid!!! Susan, I am still mad at you.

Strike 1: Web says The Princess opens at 12. I get there at 12. It doesn’t open until 12:30. (Albeit the opening times are from a third-party source, which I, doing what I do, understand completely!)

Strike 2: At 12:15, not-so-nice staffer wearing really bad hat tells us that we can sit down at 1, but we have to be out at 2:30. Cross that bridge when you get to it, kiddo.

Strike 3: We return at 12:30 and sit at our assigned table. No one ever tells us that we have to order food at the bar. They know we want to eat!!! Finally, I put 2 + 2 together around 1:15 and we place our order.

Strike 4: Chatting with Alex’s flatmate Steve and his girlfriend on the way out…they had arrived shortly after us, and their food only showed up at 2:30.

Strike 5: Very dirty ladies’ room.

In their favor…the food was great. I got the roast chicken, roast potatoes, and string beans. Good stuff. Simon cleaned his plate super-clean…he had the lamb. I forget now what Susan had, but she enjoyed it. The nice goateed guy was well, very nice. The atmosphere was great–just the right mix of bar and restaurant. The Princess is related to The Easton, which I highly, highly recommend. 

The Verdict: Go for the food. Not the service. Shame, really.

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