Gastro: The Abingdon

Posted by Krista on November 25, 2005

54 Abingdon Road
W8 6AP
Tel: 0207 937 3339

Date of Last Visit: Thursday, November 24

The Victim: Eileen!!!

The Damage: 22 quid each

Eileen had just flown in from Chicago Thursday morning, and boy is she a trooper. She showed up at my place around 9, and being the great host that I am, I took her to my bank so I could deposit a check. I’m so fun.

But then we went to see Princess Diana’s dresses, and the new Mario Testino photo exhibit at Kensington Palace, and that was nice. Not as great as I thought it would be, but still pretty cool. I think with a little extra decor, they could make a lot more money at Kensington Palace.

So poor Eileen was still awake at 2 pm, and we were just a little bit hungry. I knew Feathers would yell at me if I ate too much at lunch, ruining my Thanksgiving dinner. So I wisely decided not to tell her I was going out to lunch!!!

We wandered the streets of South Ken, looking for the place Al and Louise had taken me for drinks a few weeks back. I couldn’t remember the name or the street, but I knew in general it was down a quieter street around High Street Ken.

After asking a few locals, we were finally pointed in the right direction, and boy were my feet glad. And at that point, it was a bit cold and damp and drizzley, so it was good to be inside. We placed our drink orders at the bar, and then sat at the same table that I’ve sat at my only one and other time at The Abingdon.

I went with the Tomato Soup and the Haddock. Eileen got the Duck Spring Rolls. You know how I feel about sharing soup, so I ate the Tomato Soup on my own. Our mains arrived and my haddock was supremely delicious and divine. And it was served with these fantastically fresh and crisp string beans. The duck spring rolls were also very nice. All of this was accompanied by a decent South African Sauv Blanc.

The Verdict: We left warm and happy and content and full, although poor Eileen probably could have used a nap hours earlier. I’d go back with my mom. It was lovely. And the bathrooms are nice and clean.

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