Mangia: Il Bordello

Posted by Krista on December 19, 2004

75-81 Wapping High Street
Tel: 0871 223 8032

The Victim: Co-worker John, in from my country

Date of Last Visit: Early December

John is in town and staying by Tower Bridge. One night, he asks his hotel concierge where he should eat, and the guy gives him some suggestions, as well as a book of reviews. All of the reviews for the suggested restaurants are terrible! So John politely decines and begins his own search.

Somehow, he finds Il Bordello, and boy am I glad he did. He went there twice in a row! The second time with me. Where shall I start?

Well, firstly, I had no idea where Wapping was, or that it had anything to recommend it. It looks clean and safe, so let’s give it some props for that. Secondly, I am a sucker for any restaurant that has distinguished Italian men of a certain age as its waitstaff. So it is at Il Bordello. Thirdly, I am also a sucker for any type of pasta in a cream sauce with salmon! Delicious. And that’s what I had.

I am sure my dish was not good for my arteries. But it was SO yummy. My one regret is that John has been hanging out with Craig (the Australian) a lot, so John ordered Australian wine, which was a bit too fruity and mellow for the heaviness of my dish. I also had that tomato and mozerella salad thing that has a special Italian name I always forget; I do not like eating tomatoes directly, and I ate 1/2 of my tomatoes in this order. That is a good sign!

My other regret is all about the doggy bag. You know I want one. I ate about 1/3 of my food. Such a waste! I have devised a new strategy; I shall pretend I am pregnant and my stomach is upset and ask to take the rest home where I can enjoy once my stomach settles!

The Verdict: Go. And go again. Worth the trip to Wapping!

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