Outdoor Garden, French: Coq d’Argent

Posted by Krista on June 26, 2004

Coq d’Argent
No.1 Poultry
London EC2R 8EJ
020 7395 5000

Date of Visit: Twice in June!

The Victims: Keith on Visit 1; Rutton, Ashley, Fredrik, Sophia Hakan, TJ on Visit 2

So I was invited to this party at Coq d’Argent. It was fantastic. It was free. We took the glass elevator up to the restaurant, which has a rooftop deck and decent views of the surrounding area if you get up close to the edge. There was champagne everywhere. Wine too. Alas, little to no food. I had one shrimp. It was good, but not good enough. The vibe was "Hotel Bar" cool. There were little to no women there.

So I had a fabulous time, but all I did was drink and hang out around the bar area. Then on Friday, my friend Rutton called and said, "Hey we’re at this place called C-O-Q something" and I was like "No way! I was just there!" So I dragged Ashley out of All Bar One on Cannon (love those olives!) and we ran over to Coq. The unfortunate part was that we were dressed very casually, so I felt very unfancy.

We met the boys, and they were drinking white wine on the outdoor patio. I love men who drink white wine on a summer’s day. That’s fabulous. They have free party nuts, which are also quite nice. And you’re sitting outside, so all is good with the world. The crowd is "Hey, it’s Friday and I just got out of work but I’m tired of All Bar One." Youngish, fancy. Ashley and I were the most under-dressed people there.

The Verdict: Go for a business lunch or dinner on a nice day when you can enjoy the outdoor terrace. It’s fantastic. Ah yes, and the ladies’ toilet it nice too!

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