Great Burgers, Casual Dinner: Black and Blue

Posted by Krista on June 27, 2004

Black & Blue
215-217 Kensington Church Street

W8 7LX

Date of Last Visit: Sometime in late April, 2004

The Victims
: Syl, Ken, Matt

So I get this random phone call one night, telling me to come out to eat.

I’m told to come to Kensington Church Street, and it’s 200 and something, but they’re not sure. So my taxi takes me about roughly in that area and it is POURING rain and I’m tired and so ready to go home, but behold, I stumble across Black & Blue and luckily, the boys haven’t been seated yet.

The boys are drinking Budweiser, and I love Bud because it is, after all, the King of Beers. So I go up to the bar to order some more and it takes FOREVER so finally I order some extras because I don’t ever want to wait for beer again.

I go back to the boys and they are eternally grateful. We hang out and are finally seated. We order burgers and mine is DELICIOUS. But I think someone at our table had something that was somewhat uncooked and hey, that’s DISGUSTING.

Randomly enough, Syl ran into his friend Molly’s friend who is English but spent some time in Chicago. She was out to dinner with her parents and sister. So afterwards, we went to Windsor Castle (the pub) and hung out with them (sans parents) and it was fun.

OK, so I’m not writing much about the restaurant. B&B was good. It was friendly, it was fun, it was well-decorated, and the food was delicious. With the exception of what I think was someone’s little uncooked bit. But it’s two months later and maybe I’m only just vaguely remembering that and I could be totally wrong.

So I’d go here again, particularly if I wanted a burger and just wanted to wear jeans and trainers and be me.

The Verdict: Go when you’re hungry, but don’t want to expend so much in the way of effort.

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