Business Thai: Sri Thai

Posted by Krista on June 27, 2004

Sri Thia
Bucklersbury House

3 Queen Victoria Street

EC4N 4PQ   

Date of Last Visit: Early May, 2004

The Victims: David, Man, Chris

So normally, I go to a different Thai restaurant in The City. But everyone told me Sri Thai was nicer so I had to go there. And I did. And it smelled funny. Like mold or something. It was weird. And we were the only people there. (See, being American, I like to eat at 12. I’ve compromised on 12:30, but still, I seem to eat earlier than any British people I know.)

We had a good meal. But again, 14-million different people waited on us; dude, why can’t I just have one????

The food was good. I can’t say anything bad about it. It was tasty and we ate it all up. The dessert was yummy too, but very un-Thai (uh, Lemon Tart). And my green tea was fabulous.

But the place is just so big and sprawling, I’m sure if I came here every day, no one would ever know my name. And that’s my goal…to find a place where everybody knows my name. This place is not it.

The Verdict: Go if you want some Thai, but check out my other Business Thai reviews. There are other options, and they don’t smell funny!

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  1. Belinda
    Jun 28, 2004

    Krista, you are such a foodie! Love the site!

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