Business Thai, Happy Hour: Silks & Spice

Posted by Krista on June 28, 2004

Silks & Spice
11 Queen Victoria Street


020 7248 7878

Date of Last Visit
: Late May, 2004

The Victims
: Many over multiple visits.

Ilike Thai food. Almost as much as I like Chinese food. More than anything in the world, I miss Penny’s Noodles on Diversey & Sheffield in Chicago. For $5, I could have a great meal, and the little Thai man at the counter knew who I was.

So I like Silks & Spice, but it’s big and sprawling and the people at the counter will never know my name. But I’ve been here three times, and have always had good experiences, so maybe someday. The food is delicious and it comes FAST and the service is friendly but not overly so.

It’s not pretentious; it’s just good eating. Have I told you how much I love prawn crackers? Why don’t they have those in my country?

Be careful ordering larger beers because they are VERY LARGE. And try to sit in the front and not the back–the back has a banquet hall feel to it that I’m not all that cool with.

Try to go here on Friday nights because they have a decent happy hour special and it’s very un-crowded which I like. Reminds me of the old days at Uncle Phil’s International Bar.

The Verdict: Go for lunch. Probably not fancy enough for dinner. Decent food, decent prices, no complaints.

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