Brunch, Neighborhood Hangout: Electric Brasserie

Posted by Krista on June 27, 2004

Electric Brasserie
191 Portobello Road
W11 2ED
020 7908 9696

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Victim: Steve, my friend Chris’ wife Julie’s friend from work.

So one Sunday, I wandered down Portobello Road in search of sustenance. Eventually, we happened upon the Electric Brasserie and we said, "Hey, that looks good." And it was.

Inside, it’s just very welcoming, with a bit of hotel bar feel to it. (But no actual bar where you sit by yourself eating nuts.)

There are lots of tables, and it’s ueber-crowded, but it’s a good mix of trendy types and "Hey, my parents are in town and I should take them for brunch" type people. (No babies, however.) Service was random–I feel like we were waited on by 20 different people, but it was still randomly friendly and happy, which is good.

We sat at a little table half-way between the front and the back and it was a bad spot because I could see straight into the REAL kitchen, not the fake-y show-y kitchen. But I was soon distracted by my seared tuna ceasar salad which was fantabulous. I loved it. Yummy, yummy.

Steve had a burger, and it looked delicious. The people next to us ordered roast beef and it looked very raw, but hey, different strokes for different folks. I don’t think the waiter ever asked Steve how he wanted his burger cooked; I found that strange too. But oh well.

I had three 1/2 pints of lager and they were good. Steve said his three (3) Vodka OJs were delicious and that the OJ was the best he ever had. So I think there were some points scored there.

The Verdict: Overall, I would highly recommend thus far. I think it’s a bit of a scene, but hey, that’s why we eat out. My food was super tasty and the service was friendly and the ladies’ room was nice enough (although NO TP!!!!). They did boast high quality bath products, which were super nice.

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